About us

GODIN is a fashion-brand company in Indonesia that concerns on art and culture of each its product. All GODIN products are 100% handmade in Indonesia, made of original leather, and each design are combined with the culture of Indonesia such as Batik from Java Island, Tenun from Kalimantan Island, etc.

GODIN itself means “Goddess” in Dutch language. It represents our dream to make women who use GODIN products will look as charming as Goddess. GODIN is originally made in Indonesia and “Indische Fashion” means Indonesia Fashion, to represent the heart of Indonesia art and culture.

We design our products exclusively and some of GODIN products are limited edition. We carefully hand-make our products and design it with full of heart. Each culture details in our product has its own stories that represents the heart of Indonesia.

What makes GODIN special is not only the unique identity and characteristics, but also the spirit and passion from each hand-maker product. GODIN wants to give the best
for you and spread the beauty of Indonesia culture with its story.