Ad Competition and Creative Afternoon Talkshow with GODIN High Heels

Hi GODINers!
We not only producing and sell shoes.
On this occasion, Godin also concerned with the positive activities of young people.
In this modern era, the youth should be more innovative and creative to help the development of Indonesia.
Implement your creativity in an Ad competition themed Comsumphoria.

Consumphoria is a celebration of the return of freedom to eat and drink,
the culture to buy something, jewelry, clothing and vehicles actually increase when Ramadan was over.

if you are apprroximately 17-25 years old, do not waste this opportunity!
Improvisation within your skill and imagination to create audio-visual and print ads.

Beside that, we also join Creative Afternoon Talkshow themed, “Creativity Bites : Bridging Idealism and Bussines” Talkshow and Ngabuburit ‘Creative Afternoon’ will be filled by the speaker from the design of advertising that will discuss how when ideas a graphic designer out of the box should be confronted with the limitations in the industrialized world as the client wishes, consumer research, budget and
vendor capabilities.

So, let’s join the event ! :D